Cow Key Bridge Run is Back February 26, 2022

Safety Tips from a Cow

1.    Humans are dumb and unpredictable. Stay away from humans who are being dumb and unpredictable.

2.   Don’t be dumb or unpredictable.

3.    Cars hurt. Stay out of the road or you might have a car hurt you.

4.   Listen to people with badges, guns or microphones. They have badges, guns and microphones.

5.   Water tastes good in a cup, but bad when you drown under a bridge. Stay out of the water and don’t drown under a bridge.

6.   The sun doesn’t feel hot when you are drunk, but it still is. Drink water if you feel hot or don’t feel hot.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to register for the race? 
Your $10 registration fee gets you a numbered bib, admittance into the early heats of the race, and eligibility to win awards and trophies. You can register online starting January 3rd or in-person at the February 28th registration event at The Green Parrot.

Can I register the day of the race? 
Yes! Starting at 10am, we’ll have a registration booth set up on the Key West side of Cow Key Channel Bridge.

Where can I get one of those a-moo-zing t-shirts? 
We thought you’d never ask! You can order them online starting January 3rd. Order by January 23rd to guarantee size and style availability. You can also purchase them in-person at the February 28th registration event at The Green Parrot Bar. And if you're really a procrastinator, you can buy them on race day at the registration booth on the Key West side of the Cow Key Bridge starting at 10am.  

Where should I park my car or bike before the race? 
Participants are encouraged to walk, bike or get dropped off at the race starting location. Limited parking is being made available from our friend's at Marriott Beachside Hotel (3841 North Roosevelt Boulevard) as well as The Gates and 24 North Hotels. 

Will there be a bus collecting runners who don’t make it across the bridge in time?
Since buses aren’t allowed on the sidewalk or Overseas Heritage Trail, we won’t have a bus picking up the slowest of the slow. However we’re not responsible for anyone who may dress up like a bus and try to pick you up.  

What does my registration fee go toward? 
Your registration fee pays for event permits, safety and equipment rental, race bibs, signage, logistics, and personnel. We donate a percentage of the profits to local non-profit organizations, including the Monroe County Sheriff’s Animal Farm. 

The Rules

1. All State, Civil, and basic societal rules, norms, and standards are still in affect on the Cow Key Channel Bridge Run. 
2. Cars belong on the road. Cows & Humans belong on the sidewalks and park areas. 
3. If it looks like a race and smells like a race — it’s really just a Cow Key Channel Bridge Run Party.  Record your own time in the event as a backup and remember that life is short, and nothing is really worth getting too upset - especially not the Cow Key Channel Bridge Run. 

Liability Release

I know that running/walking are potentially dangerous activities. I should not enter the run/walk unless I am medically able and properly trained. I agree to abide by the decision of the race official regarding my ability to complete the run/walk. In consideration of being accepted, I hereby assume all the risks arising out of this event and release and hold harmless the sponsors, officials, volunteers, administrators, and all other persons associated with The Cow Key Bridge Run including Wonderdog Productions, Ultimate Racing, Monroe County and David L Sloan, from any and all liability claims or causes of action of every kind and nature arising out of my participation in this event. I authorize officials of the run/walk to use their discretion to have me transported to a medical facility and take full responsibility of action. I grant full permission to any and all of the foregoing to use any photography, tapes, motion pictures, recording, or any other record of this event for any purpose. I further understand that my entry fee is non-refundable. Bikes, strollers, baby joggers, skates, skateboards, roller blades, and headsets are prohibited on the course during the event. NO ONE may enter this event without signing this official waiver.